Project Overview :
At, I was design owner of one of their revenue generating product's called "New Projects". This section of the website was home to advertisements by some of the biggest real estate project developers/builders in India and some parts of south east Asia. 
- For the developers/builders this product described every reason "why should a buyer make property investment with them"
-For prospective buyers, these ad's gave them an opportunity to research about one or more real estate developer's online, get informed about their offerings and potentially get in touch with the brokers.  
Role: User Interface Designer   |    Team: 2 Designers, Multiple Developer's, 2 Product Manager's   |   Duration:  1 year  |   Keywords: UI Design, Data Visualisation, Information Design, Graphic Design    

My Role :
This single page of the website housed powerful online interactive tools (desktop widgets) that can be used by prospective property buyer's such as Cost Estimator (based on your desired house configuration), EMI calculation, Locality Price Trends and so on. As the lead designer, my job was to study Google/Pentaho analytics, conduct user/market research from time to time, identify user pain pointsredesigning existing tools and proposing new tools for improved usability. This redesign project spanned across a year's time and was a cumulative hardwork of design, product management and development(front-end and back end) teams at
The redesign process
Below are few pictures showcasing information flows and wireframes done as part of the redesign process. Apart from this we also conducted semi-structured user interviews and usability tests to understand user pain points.
Clearly the white board was a vital part of my ideation process :D.  
What the page previously looked like?
Key design improvements​​​​​​​
Research insights that were collected from data analytics, user interviews, focus group sessions, tree-testing, card sorting, usability testing and heuristic evaluation led to the below design improvements. 

First and foremost, me and my team designed a design system in order to maintain consistency across the platform. Image below is a glance at what the system looked like.

Redesigned page(1024 res)

Below is a section-by-section description of the old vs new design. 

Layer interaction of Deals & Offers section

This was one of the projects where I extensively practiced user centered & data-driven design . An analytical approach to design helped me understand the difference between what users would say in qualitative research vs how they actually interacted with a product. We also conducted various A/B tests to better understand user behavior.
I learn't about the practice of agile methodology, wherein I worked in cross-functional teams, participated in scrums and learn't how such methods of project management lead to successful products. 

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